Why This Site Uses AdSense - and Why You Should Too!

You've probably noticed the Google ads down the left of most of my site. This explains why they're there, and why you should have them too.

Ok, so really you know - the ads are there to make some money. Google's AdSense program is a very easy way to monetise your web site. Without AdSense, my site would be just sitting around... Now it's sitting around, and earning me some money at the same time.

Google's AdSense policy prohibits me from disclosing exactly how much I earn. I can safely say that it's not going to buy me a new house or even a new car, but it's a nice little bit of pocket money, and it's good fun to see money coming practically out of thin air!

I chose Google's AdSense, and you should too, because their targeted text-only ads have revolutionised advertising on the web. Just when it looked like banner ads were going to suck all the bandwidth from the web, and all the pixels from my screen with their utterly uninteresting drivel, along came Google and said "Hell no - text only just like the good ol' days, and what's more let's make them interesting as well!"

Google's AdSense system actually looks at the content of each page and uses that to determine which ads to show - your users (mostly, I've seen some odd cases where they get it wrong) only get ads that are related to the things they came looking at your web page in the first place for.

With Google's AdSense, everyone wins:

  • Advertisers win, because they ony pay for ads that get clicked on, and their ads are only shown to people who are likely to be interested.
  • Web publishers win, because they get a very easy strategy to monetise their site in a way that generally doesn't annoy their readers. And getting a bit of money back spurs you on to create more and better content.
  • Your readers win, because they get shown ads that might really be of value to them, and which are easy to ignore otherwise. And publishers make more and better content.
With Google's AdSense, you, as a web publisher, add a few lines of Javascript (which Google provides) to your web page and then sit back and wait - when users click on ads, you get some money. Generally not much money, but a little bit - so if a lot of users click it starts to add up...

What are you waiting for - click on the banner below, and sign up for AdSense - it's not just financially good, it's good fun.

Last Update: Mon Jun 5 22:10:07 2017

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